How to change iOS vault location?

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I don’t see the “three dots” this answer references. How do you change your vault location?

edit: Ahh iOS the TITLE says. :person_facepalming:

No three dots in the iOS vault switcher.

I think on iOS, if you want the vault synchronized with your other (Apple) devices, the vault will have to be in the Obsidian folder in your icloud. And you cannot change this.

And if you want to use the vault only on your phone, you can create a vault which is not stored in icloud. However, based on my observation, the location of this new vault cannot be modified by user.

Ah, iOS. Missed that. Yeah on iOS the vault(s) can be in:


You can use the iOS to move things around wherever, but Obsidian only has access to the above two locations. If you drop a folder in either location, it will show up on the Obsidian iOS vault switcher list.

Yeah, that’s what I was confused about, since the original issue specifically mentions iPad.

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