How to change backlink name?

Hi everyone!
I’m a newbie on Obsidian and I’m trying to create a information system for people.
I’m using Zettelkasten prefix for my backlinks.

This is my workflow.

  • Create new person from templates.
  • Create new note to “Backlinks” folder.
  • Rename it with Zettelkasten prefix.
  • Add files in this note.
  • Add this note as backlink in the person note.


  • I don’t want to see this backlink name on the graph view as some numbers but a name that I can give to it.
  • If I change the name of the note and add the same name again it becomes “Examplenote 1”
    For example: I add ID Cards for all the people. And I want to see it like that.
    But because notes can’t be same name. It changes like “TC ID Card 1”

Is there a way to fix that so my system looks better.

Things I have tried




If a note is called asd123 and you want to link to it with a different display name, you can use [[asd123|A Different Name]].

Like this:

[[asd123|A Different Name]]

You type the title of the note, then the pipe character, and then whatever display name you want to use.


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Thank you so much!


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A pleasure to be able to help a little.


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