How to Change Appearance of Admonition Box?

I’m just trying to change the appearance of my admonition boxes.

Right now they look boring like this:

But for some reason when most people install admonition it looks like this:

I just want the title to be in a box of a slightly different color and have a line going down the left side of the box. This seems to be default for everyone else. I’ve tried a fresh install of obsidian with no plugins but admonition and it still has that boring look. Have tried many different themes but they don’t change it either.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Native callouts, perhaps, not admonition?

Deleted admonition and can still put in callouts that look the same. Could be that admonition doesn’t change the appearance of callouts anymore since native callouts were added. If anyone knows how to change the code for the actual frame of the callout I’d much appreciate any lead on that.

I think there’s some confusion here.
1 - If you want admonitions you need to use the admonition syntax, not the callouts syntax, i.e., admonitions are inside a codeblock, they don’t start with > [!note]
2 - Recent callouts style are more “minimal”. If you want to change it you need to do it via css snippet. Same for admonitions (I don’t know what’s the actual admonitions default look)

This post could be useful for you

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