How to capture on iOS using Sync (without or together with iCloud)

I watched Never Forget Anything (Obsidian Tutorial for iOS & Mac) by Darin Suthapong and am so happy to be able to quickly capture stuff on my iphone to my Daily Pages. I am not so happy with the iCloud sync (I lost changes once and it offers no versioning).

Is there a way to using Obsidian Sync and be able to capture stuff on my iphone to the Daily Pages?

Your sync system shouldn’t make any difference in how quickly you can capture stuff (unless it loses your changes, of course). Does your system rely on iCloud in some other way?

I use Obsidian Sync on iPhone and it has worked well for me.

Well, the Shortcuts that Darin Suthapong shared in her video, for example this Capture My Thought iOS shortcut, needs an iCloud folder (of the Daily Pages). My assumption is that this cannot be done when using Obsidian Sync. Wrong?

Yes, wrong. As long as your vault (Obsidian Vault) is on the iDevice (not iCloud) you can use Obsidian Sync. Search Sync on the Help vault.

Thanks @Daveb08 . I am afraid there is a misunderstanding. My question is not ‘Can I use Obsidian Sync?’, my question is ‘Can I use the iOS shortcut that refers to an iCloud folder when I am not using iCloud but Obsidian Sync instead?’.

Please forget about “the iOS shortcut that refers to an iCloud folder”.

Yes you can. Just select the Vault folder inside the Obsidian folder inside “On My iphone”.


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Thanks @okosotono ! Exactly what I needed. Many thanks!

That’s what I was trying to say…:wink:


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