How to bring back obsidian windows on macos

Obsidian minimized my vault window, and I can find not way to bring it back on MacOS… same with the help vault. Quitting the app and even re-installing does not help. Is there a key command to bring up a vault window like ‘Open Vault’? More options in the top menu might be nice…

I could not reproduce this, though I tried a number of things to hide the Obsidian window. Whenever I click the app icon in the dock, the window becomes visible again. Did you put the window somewhere inaccessible somehow?

It may be helpful to report this as a bug and detail precisely the steps you took to make the behaviour occur.

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I have a hard time imagining this is a bug with obsidian. If I understand correctly it sounds like a problem I see sometimes on Mac. For me it happens when switching from a multi-monitor to single monitor setup. For native apps the Window->bring all to front works for me but obsidian doesn’t have this. Have you tried changing display settings, like resolution, sometimes that also resets window placement

Yeah, it’s a multi monitor setup. I was eventually able to bring it back by making it fullscreen, then opening a vault on the sidebar. I have seen the feature request for a Window menu, maybe that will resolve.

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