How to automatically rename titles of +1k notes?

What I’m trying to do

In my beginner journey within Obsidian I have decided to separate my daily notes (this is now for daily logs and to do’s) from Journaling notes (actual journaling). To make a distinction between the notes I have a new template for my journal notes which has a title with the following syntax: “YYYY-MM-DD (Journal)”. Now I would like to update all my old journaling notes (having syntax “YYYY-MM-DD”) with this new syntax. In other words, add the part “(Journal)” at the end of each note title.

Is there any way (e.g., script, 3rd party plugin) which I could use to automate this process? I have all the old journaling notes collected now in a folder ready to be updated.

Thank you for your help!

Things I have tried

Operating system?

Be aware that the file system on Android doesn’t allow for parentheses to be part of the file name, so naming them you like you suggest would cause an issue with syncing to Android phones.

If you’re using Windows then I recommend Bulk Rename Utility. It’s fantastic for this kind of thing (and so many others!)

Everything by voidtools on Windows (for indexing all files too).

Note that, renaming files outside Obsidian can cause links to break because Obsidian’s link auto-updating functionality doesn’t work in that case.

To avoid that, you can run this function from Obsidian API within anywhere you can run javascript in Obsidian. The dev console, dataviewjs, templaterjs, …


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