How to Automatically Position Cursor in Title or Body When Creating a New Note?

Hello Obsidian Community,

I am a frequent user of Obsidian and absolutely love the tool for all my note-taking and knowledge management needs. I have a question about a specific feature, or perhaps a possible customization, that I couldn’t find a straightforward answer to in the documentation or previous posts.

Is there a way to automatically position the cursor either in the title or inside the body of the note upon its creation?

Basically, I’d like to streamline my note-taking process and would find it very helpful if I could have the cursor automatically placed where I intend to start typing. This would save me a few manual clicks or keystrokes each time I create a new note.

I wonder if there’s a setting, a script, or a plugin that can help me achieve this. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!

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Do you have Settings > Appearance -> Show inline title enabled (the default setting)?

When I type cmd/ctrl + n, my cursor is placed in the inline title (the note/file name on disk). I can rename it (or not) and press Tab or Enter to take me to line 1 of a new note.

I’m not really sure how you could cut much more time off this. :blush:


How are you creating your new notes? Are you using a # first h1 for your title at the top?

It seems like my settings were a bit off, but after some tweaking, things are working better now. Interestingly, the “Show inline title” was not activated initially. After enabling it, my cursor did go directly to the inline title for renaming. I can’t say for sure if it’s because of toggling or the “Show inline title” setting, but something clicked.

However, there’s a minor hiccup: the “Show inline title” feature only worked once for new note creation and then stopped. I’m not sure why it’s behaving this way, but it’s something I’ll look into.

As for creating new notes, I was using the button initially, but after checking the settings, I realized the keyboard shortcut was left blank. Now that I’ve set it, creating new notes is much more streamlined.

Wow, Obsidian can get quite messy with all the different plugins, their enable/disable states, and frequent updates. I think sometimes it might require digging into the config files to debug what’s happening.

Thank you for all the tips and guidance! It’s been really helpful.

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Most plugins are pretty specific and do one thing. No shade on, but it changes Obsidian’s behavior quite a bit. If you continue using it, they have their own Discord server I’d recommend joining to get the latest on what they are up to.

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