How to automatically create Canvases for system file structure

Hi everyone, I am a new user of Obsidian, do you know if it is possible to automatically create a canvas that represents the structure of windows folders and files ? that would be awsome

Use case or problem

I would use that feature to organize my files and folders structure more efficiently by looking at the big picture in a more visual way than the windows browser allows me too.

I would also use it to share my folder architecture to partners to design a shared structure that is relevant in everybody’s mind.

Proposed solution

The ideal solution would be a line a code or a button in the “canvas” module where I enter the selected directory folder and then an automatic canvas mind map is drawn with the ability to expand and fold every folder and an indicator of the number of files/folders in it.

It kind of sounds like you want the entire file structure of your vault available with previews whenever you feel like it within a canvas. That’s a tall order, and I’m not sure how easy it would be to make or implement.

Have you consider the alternative of adding markdown preview to your ordinary file explorer? Something like this:

Then you would get all the benefits of a “proper” file explore to allow you to organize files and folders, whilst still being able to preview the markdown files.

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No it is not about preview it is about having a tree view of the names of the folders