How to automatically copy and sync 1-1 notes from daily notes?

Things I have tried

Hi all, I’ve tried looking through the forum and I found two relevant plugins Extract Note/Refactor and Text Transporter but they are a bit more manual than what I would like in an ideal setting for my use case.

What I’m trying to do

In my daily notes I write down learnings, tasks, and meetings notes from 1-1s with various people. I have a note document for every team member that I work with, and I would like the meeting notes to be automatically extracted and ideally synced to the note document for the person. Fore example, in the attached image, I would want the meeting notes with Bob from my daily notes to be extracted to the top the note document I have for Bob, with the heading being the date of the meeting. I could use Text Transporter to facilitate doing this manually but I’m wondering if there is a plugin or workaround I am not aware of. Any insight is appreciated!

I suggest a workflow change: instead of writing those notes in your daily note, put a link in the daily note, follow the link, and type directly into the person note.

You can set up a template for each coworker to create a link to their note with the current date included as a heading link.

Template: [[Bob#{{date}}]]

Output (today): [[Bob#2022-11-08]]

(If you link to the heading before it exists, the link will take you to the top of the note as usual, which is fine because that’s where you’re adding the notes.)

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