How to automatically add the absolute path for each attached image


Is there a way to automatically add the absolute path to the attached image file name? This would be convenient when I want to render the note to HTML or PDF

For instance, when I paste a snapshot image, I got ![Pasted image 20220719185541](Pasted%20image%2020220719185541.png), how can I automatically add the absolute path like ![Pasted image 20220719185541](c:/user/document/Obsidian/attachment/Pasted%20image%2020220719185541.png)?

Thanks a lot

A plugin called Local Images can download images when pasted into a note.

Thanks. According to the readme of this plug-in, it seems designed for images with URL, but in my case, I have already stored snapshots in an attachment folder, and the converted path seems relative rather than absolute ![](media/300.jpg)

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