How to automatically add a list (with links) of all notes I edited today to my today's daily note?

Things I have tried

  • Looking at the help
  • looking at this forum

What I’m trying to do

I use daily notes a lot, and I would like -for documentation purposes- to add to the bottom of my daily note the list (with links) of all other notes I edited on that day. Note that I don’t mean ‘created’ but ‘edited’. So when I read an old note from, say, a month ago, I can also see which other notes I was working on at that moment.

I figured there must be a plugin that does this but I failed at finding it or any alternative, so far. So I turn to you for help.

Any advice would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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There is a plug-in named “Daily Activity” that can insert a list of files modified that day.


I use a personal format to do this,
any modify :laughing:
Just add the “YYYY-MM-dd” format to block’s timestamp. (manual…:sweat_smile:)
you will see it in “unlinked mentions” at daily note(if it is “YYYY-MM-dd”)
show more context is usefully,(but couldn’t collapse what i just “show more” …)

but i don’t konw if more easier ways(or more visual,)

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Because anything that is not saved in text format is prone to problems (for example, the time attribute of a file that is automatically created by the computer…)
My misbehavior while syncing caused them all to become new files, and although no text content was missing, the file properties were refreshed. ),
as long as the content is saved, even without any plugins, the most basic search can perform all functions, (even if it is a little troublesome)

Here’s a manual procedure: :sweat_smile:

  1. Add a provisional Wikilink [[editedtoday]] to all the notes you edited today.

  2. After having finished all the editing work of today, search for all the instances of the string “editedtoday”.

  3. Click the “Copy search results” icon above the search results.

  4. From the contextual window just opened, select as link style “Wikilink” or “Markdown link” at your discretion.

  5. Click on the “Copy results” blue button at the bottom of the contextual window.

  6. Paste the results on today’s daily note after the “Notes edited today” heading.

  7. Delete all the instances of [[editedtoday]] from all the edited notes of today. (You could even leave them there, if each time you use a Wikilink of the type [[edited-YYYY-MM-DD]]or similar.

Hope it helps!

You could use an embedded search, BUT apparently there are no search operators for dates. There is an open feature request for them, which you can :white_heart: to express your interest.

For a moment I was hopeful for the Vantage plugin to be able to do this, because it has from/to date filters for daily notes, but it’s using a workaround to filter for file names based on a list of dates, so that does not cover your use case of modification dates.

Something similar to this?

WHERE file.mday = this.file.cday
SORT asc



Thanks for your answer and the links, this is very informative.

Thanks Angel! This solved it for me. Can this be added to a daily note template so it is always added? Sorry for the newbie question…

Thanks again for all your help.

Hi. @anon12638239 solution doesn’t solve one question: modification date it’s a dynamic data (not fixed) and dataview output it’s also a dynamic result. So, when you do some changes to one of the files, modification date changes… and dataview results too! (not @anon12638239 fault :slight_smile: , but the way how dataview works)
This means that you can’t get a trusted list of “which notes you was working on at that moment”.


Thanks @mnvwvnm for your comment. I’m a newbie here so let me rephrase your statement to see if I understand you. Lets say on day 2021-01-01 I worked on files named ‘’ and ‘’. @anon12638239’s code on that daily note will list both files. BUT later on, let’s say on 2021-01-10 I modify again the file name ‘’. This will make ‘’ dissapear from the list on daily note 2021-01-01 because the file modification date is different?

If that’s the case, can you think of another way to achieve the effect I’m looking for?

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, it happens as you described.
One of missing features in dataview it’s the ability to “print” the results to md format, make them fixed contents.
Unfortunately I don’t know many plugins, so I don’t know if there’s any available to solve your need.
You need a plugin that output a fixed list after run it.
@Jinnayah mention “Daily Activity” - GitHub - trydalch/obsidian-daily-activity
I found also “Activity Logger” - GitHub - Creling/obsidian-activity-logger
But, as said before, I don’t know them.


I am looking into a python script where you can make an array of terms to be made into links by running it against your vault. Will start off as an out of Obsidian tool since I am brand new to Obsidian and a tinkerer with code so I am not ready to make any kind of plugin for it. Will update if/when I get this working

Realize this is an old note but, I recently started using two templates using the Templater plugin for this functionality based on something pdworkman mentioned a while back. Here quote was something to the affect “I timestamp everything”.

  1. For my daily note (named in the date format of YYYY-MM-DD ddd) I have a template (InsertDate) with this:
    <%“YYYY-MM-DD ddd”) %>
    Where ever I place this, it appears in the Linked Mentions for the daily note.

  2. That got me to thinking … how could I make something that would show this day in history…
    In my daily note template I have a section:

This day in history - excluding today.

<% “query" %> <%"MM-DD") + " " + "-" +"YYYY-MM-DD") + " -(" + '"' + "<<" + '"' + " AND " +"MM-DD") + ")"%> <% "” %>

It renders as an embedded query - this is for today:

10-06 -2023-10-06 -("<<" AND 10-06)

Forgive the formatting - I’m not quite literate with codeblocks in this forum… someday.