Date search operators

I’d use a basic “created:” and “edited:” date operator heavily for searches/saved searches so I can find notes I edited on a particular day.

Of further and fancier use would be:

It seems there’s ways to sort of hack this using the file: operator and Zettel-UIDs, but I’d find this extremely useful as a first-class operator


I would also really like this as well. Coming from Notion, I used a lot of properties on my pages, and most I probably didn’t use, but filtering by Date modified or created was very useful for getting things like a list of movies I watched in 2020 that were of the sci-fi genre.


I also have a strong need for such a feature. Also, a good next step is to a date range search capability.

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

New adopter of Obsidian, my usage case is to try a journaling approach to my work and from that extract actions and ongoing notes. My job is probably an analyst.

Can I imbed in a note a search based on date, so as an example I’d like to see all notes created or modified in the last 7 days?


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If you are planning on searching your daily notes, you can take a look at the Vantage plugin.

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