How to autofill MOC notes with children notes links? Like a summary

Hello Obsidian Community!

I’m now searching for about one hour, but as a non english native speaker it’s quite complicated to find exactly what I’m looking for, and that’s weird because I think it’s a really obvious feature?

Anyway, here’s what I want to do.

I saw a lot of public vaults that have notes, linked to a parent note for a domain, in a “MOC”, field, and that’s nice because I use that too. Where it’s complicated, it’s when I want to summarize every linked notes in the MOC note.

It’s not a big deal to list them manually when you just have three links to create, but when you have over 40 notes for example, it becomes very overhelming.

What I want to do is every time I put a MOC link in a new note, into the MOC note, it creates a link to the new child note at the end.

If you don’t really understand what I say, please ask, I will try to explain myself another way, and also, if you have a better way to do that, just share your experience!

Thank you :slight_smile:

(I can also provide you some pictures if needed)

You can try the AutoMOC community plugin (I haven’t used it). If you use folders, I can recommend Waypoint.

I tried it, but it’s not dynamic. If I create new files with that MOC, it won’t update itself unfortunately…

The issue with Waypoint is the neccessity to create a new folder for each MOC, and it will list everything in the folder.

For example I have a folder with the main MOC inside. But some notes act like this:
Main MOC>MOC>Note

So if I use Waypoint for the Main MOC, it will list the lowest level note, and I don’t want that.

I want each MOC to link the direct note or MOC linked to it, not everything in the folder, and I can’t create 20 subfolders too.

Maybe look at the Breadcrumbs plugin. It might require more manual entry than you want, but it lets you set parent/child/sibling relations between notes, and I think it might be able to list all the notes of a certain level (I haven’t used this one, either),

Well, I found my way of doing things.

First, I finally made folders, and it’s very better to use it as a combination with MOCs and tags and not just alone.

Then, in each folders, I have a MOC note with this dataview formula in it:


And it automatically adds in alphabetical order all the notes related to this MOC.

And finally, if I can automatically list like that: Main MOC>Parents MOCs>Children MOCs>Notes

I think it’s one of the most optimized way to summarize over a long time without losing time and energy to do it manually. Can be easy to find things I wrote just with a funnel system like that!

Thank you for your help! I discovered tools that I’m sure are not adapted with my habits of work and how I see things :slight_smile:

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