How to auto-copy text to linked pages with Obsidian?

Imagine we have two pages. “X” and “Y” What I am trying to do is the following: Create a SINGLE page “X” on Obsidian where I type all my random thoughts. I usually use Bulletlist or Checklist to create text blocks. And then add a tag/link (through #… Or [[…]]) to refer to page “Y” (or “Z” etc.) at the end of each text block (bullet list).

What I want to achieve is: when I tag/link a text block on Page “X” to refer to Page “Y”, I want to have that text block automatically COPIED into page “Y”. (So as a result…I write all what I want in one single page and at the same time have them organized by topic in different pages that I’ll print, without searching for ALL text blocks and manually copy-paste them :confused: ).

Is there anyway to do that? (to say it in simple words: I want it to be like a Twitter/Instagram hashtag, where I can have a dedicated “page” with all the posts/notes with that hashtag.)

Things I have tried: I tried to use [[…]] for creating a link but the linked page is blank!

I tried with ![[… ^…]] but it is not practical AT ALL since each time I have to manually select the block to preview it in the linked page and this is not what I need).

What I’m trying to do

Does in-line search do what you want? Ea h topic page would contain an inline search that would list all the blocks with that page’s tag.

I did some search and I found a way to just “list them” by add (on any page) the query function. like this:

‘’’ query

(my tag)

(I found it here: Search )
but it doesn’t embedd the results themselves (text blocks) but just a preview of them! so to have them listed on one page (entirerly…and as rich text and not preview windows) I have to manually copy-paste them! (to a new page unfortunately).
Sir, if you know a method please explain it!

Would embedding blocks work for your needs?


What about Note Composer. Requires you trigger but can copy text to anothwr note.

I tried it but it is not practical! since I would have to select manually (each time) what text block I have to embedd from page “X”. Which can be frustrating in case on Page X I have a lot of text blocks!
The only solution that seems to work now (not really! I will have to manually copy-paste) is to use query function! to list/call on the same page all textblocks that contains a specific word (in my case, the tag that I want). But it will put those blocks in preview windows and not rich text (I will have to click on each one of them and it will directs me to them, then copy and paste where I want to).

I am looking for an automation tool in Obsidian! (if it can exist!), a rule that basically says: if document X is updated with a text block that contains this hashtag, automatically extract that text block to Page Y.
That’s the only solution I guess :confused:

Thank you so much! I didn’t know about it!
Well…It can be a solution! The negative point is that I will have to manually, each time, select that text block I’ve just written and extract it to the page I choose. It is a good solution, especially if compared to embedding text blocks with ![[…]].

But what will really help is…an automation tool! don’t know if it exists in Obsidian or can be created (I know 0 about Coding ). So basically I create a Rule that says:

if document X is updated with a text block that contains this hashtag, automatically extract that text block to Page Y/Z etc. .

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That would be a sweet plugin. In theory, that’s feasible with javascript. Not sure if that can be done on top of Obsidian inside Electron

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