How to attach an image in an *easy* way?

I don’t get this: this note taking app requires soooo many effort and mental energy in order to simply insert an image? What gives? How can it be? Why isn’t still a native and effortless way to simply insert a f*c**king image?

Whenever I need to insert or embed an image, I want to be able to browse my local computer and simply insert it; it should be be copied to a special directory of the current vault automatically; that will be it. It must not be any more difficult than this!

Hi @sotiroku, try dragging the image from your computer into a note and drop it there. It will be copied to the attachments folder of your vault (check where it is located in Settings) and it will be embedded with a Markdown link, something like:


or a Wikilink (using double square brackets)


The exclamation mark ! at the beginning makes it an embed. If you remove it, you have a link.

You can set obsidian to automatically create an attachment subfolder of your current folder upon inserting an image. Alternatively, you can also set a single folder for all attachments.

My workflow is to take a screen cap, then paste it into my note. Obsidian handles the rest, creating an attachment folder if there isn’t one, saving the image in the folder, then pasting the link to it where I pasted it.

Not sure how it could be easier.

I insert screenshots all the time. Copy screen, paste into Obsidian. It automatically saves the image where appropriate and adds the embed to the note.

This wasn’t a useful response, sorry.

I think the answer is Obsidian assumes you want to work with files in the vault, not other files in your system. It is frustrating.

On mobile, it does work the way you expect: select insert image, find image on your system, insert, Obsidian copies the image to your vault and adds it to your note.

On desktop, you have to explicitly move the image to your vault. Either move or copy the image to your vault and then embed it, or drag the image to a note, and Obsidian will copy the image to your vault and embed it for you.

Screenshots can still be pasted into a note.

On desktop, you can

Not a long while ago, that didn’t use to be the case, did it?

I’ve checked - yes, works. Now the app has finally become useable for me.

How to specify the location for images? Whether they be copied all in one directory of a vault, or into the current directory of a note. Where in settings?

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