How to add metadata in all files if specific property doesnt exist yet

Is there a way to bulk inspect all files in my vault, check if there is an “author” metadata field in the yaml properties, and if there is none, add a specific value?

I could insert a predefined author in all my files with vscode but I have some files that do have author and I would like to avoid having duplicate values. I also know how to replace a specific value. This case in particular is if the property is NOT present.

There is a new community plugin that does this called Multi Properties. There is a setting to disable overwrite of a property if it already exists. Then add the property to all the selected files that don’t have it.

Amazing, I didnt know of this new plugin. Thank you so much.

Your very welcome! I learned about it only today myself. I’ve been looking for something like this for ages. I was using a python script before this.

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