How to add frontmatter to 100+ notes?

What I’m trying to do

I’m starting to use Metadata Menu to configure set of frontmatter properties that all notes within a folder and tag must have. But how do I insert these frontmatter to every note? Metadata Menu has a button to insert missing properties but I’d have to do that for each note one at a time.

Is there a way to add the missing properties for all the notes in a folder?

have you tried multi-properties? GitHub - fez-github/obsidian-multi-properties: Plugin for Obsidian that allows user to add properties to multiple notes at once.

Linter will work for this too. It’s very customizable. Back up your vault before though! Also read through all of the settings and options.

What worked best for me was to find a file that has all the properties I wanted, duplicated it, and tested it out with that specific file.

Linter also gives you the option to exclude folders! Like attachments or PDFs.

Dang. This is nice! Less daunting than Linter that I just shared lol.

Thanks. Linter seems to be popular but also complicated for my needs. I couldn’t figure out how to configure to my needs. But the plugin Multi Properties is straightforward

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