How to add "days remaining" field to tasks?

In the list of tasks, I want to either replace the due date with “X days remaining” in reader/preview views, for each task that has a due date listed, or add it in addition to it.

So in reader view a task would be something like:

task1, :date: 2023-11-03, 3 days remaining


task1, 3 days remaining

Seems like a very basic feature, and yet I can’t find a single example of this anywhere.

So far the only way I found that might work, and its not even that great, is a Dataview inline query that you add to each task manually, like

`=task_date - date(today)` days left

task_date is just for example, I couldn’t figure out how to actually fetch the task due date from the task that the query is placed after


is an example of taking a date from an inline field in a note, but I didn’t find how to apply this for each task in a task list

Here is another example from 2021 of pretty much exactly what I wanted to do, but it was never implemented in Tasks plugin:

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