How to add an x-callback to a Devonthink link?

How do I add a Devonthink link to a Note so that it’s a live link?

For example, my Devonthink link looks like:

If I surround it with [[ then Obsidian thinks I’m linking to an existing note (or I want a new note). I tried parentheses as that is a Markdown link but that didn’t work.

Suggestions greatly appreciated.

You would need to link in Markdown Syntax like this:

[Link text goes here](x-devonthink-item://lotsofletters)

Notice the single brackets for the description, and the link in the regular braces placed immediately after.

Hope this helps!


Another x-callback option on Mac :
If you don’t want to use full markdown syntax , bracket the x-callback link between less-than < and greater-than > this makes the link visible and active in Obsidian.
example: <x-devonthink-item://lotsofletters>

It also appears to work with, some but may not be all, application-specific link-calls, application examples such as: agenda://, ithoughts://, omnifocus:///