Compatibility with Hook Productivity on Mac OS

I also support this feature request. Offer easy access to the note in the underlying folder. Ideally through a right-click and/or shortcut. This would make it possible to open the note in another editor, create a hook-link etc.


I have been using Bear for a while now and seriously thinking about switching to obsidian primarily owing to the backlinking and graph feature. It would be super helpful to have hook integrated


I also would love to be able to use Hook fully. It would be life changing!


In the upcoming 0.81 release version it is now easy to right-click on a file name in the obsidian file browser and then you can either open the underlying note in your default md app e.g. IA Winter is what I use, and then use Hook, or open the folder in which the file resides and select to there for a Hook. That is a major improvement for using Hook.


Indeed, this is a huge step forward, also in connection with earlier requests! The development team at Obsidian is really cranking out the meaningful improvements.
Here’s how I’m already using this: on macOS:

  1. From Obsidian, use the “Show in Folder” command (via a hotkey ⌘⌥-O), which opens up the Finder with currently focal Obsidian note selected in Finder.
  2. Show the Hook window for the selected file, and then select “Copy Markdown Link” (I use hyperkey, ⌘⌥⌃⇧, with ;for that).
  3. Now I have a markdown link to my current note, with the filename, to paste anywhere. Very handy!

Adding to the conversation, could this add to an Obsidian x-callback workflow?


Yes, great catch - this actually works. In Hook when you hook a file via command-c you can indeed paste the hook link as follows in the Obsidian note < hooklink >. When you click on it It will call up the file and open it in the designated application.

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@ryanjamurphy Ryan, can you see use cases for <> bracketing this using KBM and or Hook?

Thanks, Stan

syncing across Macs is supported by Hook.


we discuss openness here on hookproductivity’s /about/openness/ page.

One of Hook’s big features is a universal Copy Link function. If an app provides a URL, we return the URL. So if Obsidian exposed a URL for its notes, we would use that. If obsidian exposes notes only as files, Hook would use hook://file/ links for them. Hook is configurable, so you can configure Hook’s Copy Link for any app :slight_smile: you want.


Hey there,

I use the apple ecosystem and so I have Hook for macOS installed on my macs, it links between folders, files, and others of apps to each other so that you can do more inclusive and more immersive research with a better experience. Long story short, there is no support for obsidian, and I don’t know how many people use both hook and obsidian, I want to ask the devs about integrations with other apps and if it is possible?

I have already contacted the creators of hook via email to suggest obsidian for them to integrate or work on an integration next. They recommended on their website reaching out to the app community and the team to ask for the integration or the ability of the integration.

this is the list of apps integrated with hook:

and this is their website:

Thanks a lot.


The ball is in Obsidian’s court, but the good news is that you can put hook links in your notes and you can link other documents - if they work with hook - with a note by directly going to the note document in your vault. Obsidian has now made it easy to reveal the note in your vault by right-click on the document name.

This is good enough for me.

@zeevkeane, just wanted to say thanks for mentioning Hook. It’s one of those things I didn’t know I need it, til I see it.

It’s like spotlight on steroids!


I’ll just chip in here, that I’d also like to be able to get hook links to obsidian notes. Would help with putting links to my notes into e.g. trello


Huge +1 from me too! I’ve only recently started using Obsidian after switching over from Joplin, and it is absolutely amazing!

I use NotePlan for Markdown notes and todos, and it has a great x-callback-url API: that allows any app to open a note in Noteplan from a URL like noteplan://x-callback-url/openNote?noteDate=20180204

If Obsidian did the same, note only would Obsidian be able to open NotePlan’s notes dir and visualise the graph, but Hook could glue the two together and allow NotePlan to open pages in back in Obsidian.

That would be an unparalleled level of Markdown knowledge management awesomeness!


I want to highlight this topic. The more I use both Hook and Obsidian, the more obvious and natural it seems to me to have Obsidian to do the native Hook linking. According to @LucCogZest, this is a relatively easy process from the development side. Obsidian developers, I’m not going to @ you because I know that’s rude, but readers, if you would like to see Hook and Obsidian work together, please let’s raise the visibility of this and try to get it on the roadmap.

Developer information is available here:


I am a little lost here. Now that we have custom URL to vaults, notes, etc, isn’t this done?

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No, it’s not done. There are workarounds – the Show in Finder trick and then use Hook from there – but Obsidian would be so enriched by having the full Hook functionality. For example, there is a feature in Hook where you can be on a web page, for example, and then use something called “Hook to New.” That creates a new note which is automatically deep-linked to that website on your computer. Currently, we can Hook to New in apps like DevonThink or BBEdit, and having Hook to New in Obsidian would be amazing.


I am not talking about the show in finder.

We have custom URL, such as:

We also have an API now, so you can write a plugin and access the custom URL automatically.

I am gonna move this to plugin ideas.