How to add an automatically updated "Last Edit Time" in document properties?

The latest version brings document property, which is very nice.
I want the document to automatically update the “last editing time” in document property. How to do this?

You can use this plugin which will automatically update that for you:

Or search the plugin store for “Update frontmatter modified date”.


Linter plug-in is even better.

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Unfortunately Linter uses the filesystem modified time rather than when you actually modify a document with Obsidian.

This causes issues when:

  • If you copy your vault from one system to another, all of your modified times will update.
  • Some sync solutions will also cause the file modified time to update.
  • And if you use any external program to change a file it will change the frontmatter property time.

The plugin above will only update the modified date when you actually modify a note using Obsidian. Otherwise I would be using Linter, but sadly it uses the filesystem time :confused:


Ironically enough I use Linter for the same reasons. With the created-date property it will preserve the one on the frontmatter instead of using the one of the system, so if you move your vault to another systen the creation date is safe.

Don’t know why linter does not allow for that also on last modified notes. Will see if I can use both in conjunction.

Thank’s :slight_smile:

Edit: created a feature request here.

There shouldn’t be any issues at all, but please let me know.

I’ve started using it, apparently it’s all fine.

On the feature request I mentioned there’s someone that asked how Linter could implement a proper feature of updating modified date properly like you mentioned. Please consider answering if you know better how the plug-in you mentioned works, so we can have everything under one single plug-in.

It’s not a problem with Linter, it’s simply a design choice. They want to use the filesystem modification time, which is completely reasonable. I don’t want to use the filesystem time so I did it a different way.

For some people my method will be undesirable, because they want to see the modified time updated if they update the file outside of Obsidian. In that case, they would want to use Linter and would not want to use my plugin.

There’s nothing wrong with Linter’s approach, it just depends on what behaviour you want. For you, you want the behaviour which my plugin offers, so just use it alongside Linter.

The thing is this was a specific example used to demonstrate the document property update which I too thought meant it could now be done without a plugin

You’re talking about the last updated field in this screenshot?

You’ll need a plugin to update that automatically as far as I know. Use the one above and change the field name in the settings to be last updated.

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