How to add a new line among math equations in obsidian markdown editor?

Descritption: Equations below won’t display in two lines, but in one, after rendering. It against MathJax or Latex syntax, and I can’t find any way to break the line when I write math equations in Obisidian. Is it a bug or unimplemented feature? Or i just use it wrong?

1 == 1  \\
2 == 2 \\

Could anybody help me out please?

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By the way ,this happens on both mac and linux.


For me it’s not a bug, it might be a misunderstanding of maths in LaTeX. You cannot have two equations on two separate lines like this. If you have a system of equations, or some set of equations, it should be written like this:
1 == 1 \\
2 == 2



It’s due to mathjax, you should use a multiline environment, the most frequently used is aligned

a &= b \\
&= c

the & is align mark.

Or, usemulti, cases, array and so on.


Hi, thanks a lot, it helps me a lot.

Thanks for your answer, it helps me a lot.