How to Actually Use Obsidian on iPhone

Guys I love Obsidian and I want to support the developers and have been by paying for Obsidian Sync, but its absurdly slow. Like 15 minutes for the UI to sync and become responsive on iPhone. So its impossible to jot down notes on the fly, so I use Draft for that, but its also impossible to pull up a note while I’m in mid-conversation. This is a drag because back when apple iDisk was syncing with windows all was working. But Apple or Microsoft let that link die and haven’t fixed it in months (see Windows app store reviews for iCloud).

So I’m left with a handful of options that all seem to suck in their own beautiful and unique ways.

  1. Github - seems slow and has glitches that can occasionally corrupt your data.
  2. SyncThing - seems to have much of the same problems.

I would love to support the team, but as far as I can tell there is no reliable and fast way to sync between say Windows 11 and an iPhone, is that correct? Any other ideas?

Thanks, I LOVE Obsidian!

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Hello, I’ve been trying to find a solution for years.

Sadly there is no solution, you either use Obsidian only on apple ecosystem or you have to switch device. All your problems comes from iPhone, on Obsidian iPhone you can’t use a vault that is not located on iCloud (sure there’s plugins that can do a workaround but I don’t rely on them).

I’m still on iPhone because I use it daily and Mac is my main pc, I had to abandon the idea of using obsidian on other devices (like windows, Linux).

With android everything would be way easier, but anyway it’s your choice. I have my iPhone and I don’t have time/money to waste on buying/decide what new device to buy.

If you really need obsidian on windows you can set up a synchthing server on your Mac and you will be able to use Obsidian on windows/linux, with the caveat that you’ll need to keep the Mac turned on in order to sync and upload to iCloud.


FYI, there is an iPhone app that allows syncthing to work pseudo-natively on iOS, called Mobiüs Sync. From my usage there doesn’t seem to be any issues with it.

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Oh great to hear, I’ll check it out thanks!

Have you asked support? You’re paying for it.

That’s unusual. On my iPhone 13 the app takes ~4s to load (7,600 files, 16 plugins). Sync can take another few seconds if there’s much to sync, but that doesn’t affect the UI.

Try the troubleshooting steps in the Obsidian debugging guide.

Also make sure your vault isn’t in iCloud.

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