How to achieve alt+tab hotkey

Hello guys,
I’m noticing a common pattern of work in obsidian that is alternating between two notes (e.g. highly related notes). I’m currently using the hotkeys ‘navigate back’ and ‘navigate forward’ combined, but it needs two key strikes and you need to remember the editing order to know if you need to hit go back or hit go forward. I think a simple solution to eliminate this cognitive step is just to map an ALT+TAB keybinding that does exactly that, i.e., alternate between the previous edited note and the current working note (and vice versa). Any ideas on how to achieve this?

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Alt+Tab might not be the wisest choice, because on many OS this would open an application switcher and move to the next open application (like on Windows and Linux).

I use these: Ctrl-Tab to switch between recently-used notes - #11 by Moonbase59

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It would be useful to have a configurable back-and-forth hotkey. Even better if it can be assigned to an F-key.

As walkaround I used the recent-notes plugin, to click with mouse, but it was not efficient enough. I opted to buy a mouse with dedicated buttons for back and forth.

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I think the plugin cycle-through-panes is the right one for you.


@Vinadon Thanks for mentioning it, didn’t know yet! That’s actually a lifesaver if you have multiple panes open. If often wondered why Ctrl+Tab isn’t a core functionality.

@cristian Yes, we definitely need the possibility to use F-keys as hotkeys.

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you are right, ctrl + tab is a better option for sure. What I meant is to mimic the same behavior of ALT-TAB, but any one press hotkey would be fine to me

This would be the best solution if obsidian it-self provide a hotkey to toogle between last edit note and current note.

I modified the file: ./obsidian/config

and added:

"app:go-back": [{ "modifiers": [""], "key": "F9" }],
"app:go-forward": [{ "modifiers": [""], "key": "F10" }],

It feels ok to navigate back and forth,

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