How to access the console

Sorry for such a basic question.

When obsidian/templater shows me an error that says:
“…Parsing error, check console…”

This is shown when I create a new note in a folder where a template is associated. I fixed the error, but just reviewing the template, I would like to know where to look for the exact error.

I don’t know where to look, how do I open the console mentioned in the error message?

I am running obsidian in macOS

Thank you.

In MacOS: Cmd-Option-i

Or in the menu, View → Toggle Developer Tools.

And in those developer tools, the tab “Console”. (Oddly, I’m trying it now, and Console is greyed out for me. But it usually works.)

Thank you!!!

I do wish this shortcut could be bound in hotkeys, or the console opened some other way. The other day I was helping someone with obsidian and for some reason ctrl+shift+i was doing nothing. It took ages to solve, and would have been much easier if I had some alternative ways of getting at it.

You can install GitHub - chrisgrieser/obsidian-theme-design-utilities: Some Utilities and Quality-of-Life Features for Designers of Obsidian Themes and set a hotkey to toggle the Devtools:


If shortcuts don’t work, pick this command from Obsidians app menu bar. This top menu bar should be available on any platform.

And with top menu bar i don’t mean Obsidians interface, but your Os generated menu bar for Obsidian.

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