How to access “.obsidian” dot folder on iOS using a free file explorer

I thought to share this tip in a separate topic as I’ve written it recently in a comment but could be a bit hidden for search engines.

Anyhow, I’m relatively new to iOS and Obsidian too, so I’ve been exploring things.

Accessing .obsidian folder was a challenge and I had to access it from a shared folder on dropbox or Onedrive through my PC. Then I discovered terminal which was not convenient to use at all.

Finally I discovered ES File Explorer - the popular Android app which exists for free too on iOS app store.

The app can do copy/paste/delete. It has also a basic code and MD editor and I enjoyed writing css snippets and seeing them applied in realtime.


  1. Install the app
  2. open On My iPad folder
  3. press the (+) add button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Navigate to your vault (wherever it is)
  5. click open
    Now the vault is accessible from ES explorer.
  6. open the vault from ES then use search bar to find “.obsidian”. The folder should show up as a result.
  7. open .obsidian and long click on “plugins” folder to add to favourites for easier future access. (Adding .obsidian folder itself to favourites doesn’t work as intended as the app should display it in containing folder first then open the dot folder which is hidden, so it doesn’t open) - in short, save plugins folder instead to favourites as I say.

Congrats! Now you have direct access.

To note: you can’t copy paste into the .obsidian folder directly from an outer folder. You have to open .obsidian, click on (+) and select import files instead - hope that makes sense!