How the heck do I delete a vault on the Mac?

I want to delete a vault from Obsidian but leave the folders intact on Finder. How do I do that? I’ve searched for the answer on my own and can’t find it.

Try to check invisible folders - on mac “shift + cmd + .”, there will be invisible “.obsidian” folder in the root folder of your vault (If you want simply remove vault from obsidian without deleting files you could use the vault menu

The vault menu is in the downleft corner

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Thanks, but once I have opened the “vault” menu in Obsidian, then what?

Your screenshot is exactly what I see. I see a list of vault on the left side. If I click on a vault, it opens. If I right-click on it, nothing happens.

On the right side I see options for open folder, create new vault, open help vault, choosing language – but no option for deleting a vault.

How do I delete a vault from within Obsidian? Is there a way to do that?

Click the x near the vault you want to delete in the vault menu!

Edit: I’m not actually sure if that deletes Obsidian’s hidden files in the root of the folder, but I imagine it does.

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I did not see the tiny, tiny X against the black background until you alerted me to look out for it.

I seem to be the only person in the universe who has had this problem, so I’m reluctant to suggest any change.

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I will encourage the devs to make it tinier and more black!