How set up Obsidian so that new attachments follows the nice folder structure created after import?

I have migrated from Evernote to Obsidian.
After my import to Obsidian the attachments of all my old notes were arranged in the following manner:
MyVaultName\NotebookName\ _resources\NoteName.resources

What I’m trying to do

How do I set up Obsidian so that all my new note’s attachments end up following the same folder structure as above?

Things I have tried

I have tried tampering with the settings under Settings-Files and Links
I have tried a plugin named “Attachment management”, but that only works with images.

Have you tried playing around with Settings > Files and links > Default location for new attachments ? Does any of those options meet your requirements?

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Well… I’ve not been able to make it put attachments in a general folder called “_resources” and within that folder create another folder with the same name as the note, as the importer did. Like this:

MyVaultName\NotebookName\ _resources\NoteName.resources

I’m pretty sure that resources structure was made from Evernote, not from the Obsidian importer, no?

I don’t think there is any way to mimic that exactly, unless some community plugin exists.

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