How Search a file

I search a way to find a file.

If i enter the shortcut ctrl + shif + f i can search in all file
But i ca’t get the fil if i put it file name.

Do you know a way where i can put a file name and get the file in the editor ?

You should be able to find files that way, but I think you’re looking for the Quick switcher - Obsidian Help.

I find the keyword that i type but only if it’s a paragraph character in my document, not if it’s a title.
But yes i did not know the Quick Switcher.
And it’s works
Thanks a lot !!! :slight_smile:

I’m glad the quick switcher helped!

But search should find the term in titles too. I just tested and it’s working for me. Maybe you had case-sensitivity turned on and the search term was capitalized differently than the note name?

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