How might I package up a read only version of a vault as a .exe?

Bit of a long shot but here we go. I am working on an literature review. However, I’m thinking that the old school “linear” report is just a relic of when we worked on paper, and that having a literature review in the form of a graph would be far better. Obviously Obsidian is the tool for that! But, imagine someone doesn’t have Obsidian. Wouldn’t it be cool I could send them a .exe that opens up the lit review vault, in a stripped down, read only view, so they could explore the literature interactively?

Basically like if an Obsidian Publish was a self contained .exe !

There’s a list of Publish alternatives, and many of them output a folder of HTML files which you could zip up and send. Many (all?) don’t support the graph, but people can still explore thru links.

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