How many of you use simple MOCs instead of plugins to make your notes more future proof?

PLugins that structure information in a database-like manner are nice, but the developers might abandon them and after some updates, they will become useless.
Making simple Maps of Content, instead, will always be visible and accessible.


The leftover plugin codes may still be useful to give an idea of what was intended. I don’t use DataView, but I use embedded searches sometimes. They won’t work if Obsidian goes away, but the leftover search query will tell me how to find what was there.

But yeah, mostly I use links and text. I use the Waypoint plugin to generate lists of links to all the files in a folder (it produces Markdown, so the lists work without Waypoint, tho of course they won’t update without it).


Yeah I try to keep my plugin use very minimal. I use some queries, but they are more like working memory, or temporary project management for me. Like a query for recent notes, and coloured by a WIP tag.

But if those queries go away, the core structure of my notes is just links and a few tags.

I ended up not using any block embeds or tranclusions, except for the occasional “start page”. For me these things are only useful as long as I can keep a working memory of the structure. Once I’ve stepped away for even a few weeks, it becomes nothing but an obstacle. So I love simplicity and manually curated structure.