How is data sync if it is saved in a local folder?

Do I get to choose where my data is stored?

SInce the data is stored in a local folder and not the cloud, do i get to choose which local storage obsidian uses? (e. g. my phone’s storage vs my computer’s storage)

This is what I am assuming

Obsidian stores the data in a chosen local storage. It creates an API that exposes that data to other devices and allows them to pull the data from the folder exposed. Is this correct?

Obsidian doesn’t sync anything unless you use the paid Obsidian Sync service. You can use other sync services on your vault folder, like Dropbox, iCloud, or Git. Regardless of how you sync, Obsidian requires a complete copy of the vault on every device (Obsidian Sync has a setting to exclude folders and file types).

This meta thread has a series of guides for different methods as well as some information about what to do for common problems:

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Thank you, this solved my question. Have a great day, God bless!

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