How important are backlinks in your workflow?

Hello everybody,

I recently have been thinking about backlinks and where it sits in my workflow. Backlinks was one of the major features which made most of us select Obsidian as a PKM / Second Brain/ Zettlekasten. So, I thought that I would ask it in the forum.

Personally, backlinks allow me to see the trail of my notes linked to a particular topic. It also allows me to check for unusual links. But that search feature or the query feature also lets me do these things.

I personally find the query feature far more valuable. Maybe I am not using the backlinks to their full potential.

I would love know about how you guys use this feature in your workflows.

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I use the graph view as a ‘map’ of the neighbourhood of the note I have in focus or when I’m writing a new note, set to 2 steps out (or 3 if there are just 1 or 2 links). There showing backlinks is useful.

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