How (if possible) to filter for context - search within a header section

# Process Checklist
## Morning
- [ ]  Start Log

### Triage and Build Inbox
- [ ]  Check Calendar and add links to meetings
- [ ]  Check Email and add new todos

### Plan Day
- [ ]  Review yesterday's notes to see what progress was made, and where you left off.
- [ ]  Review Todos and kill off stuff
- [ ]  Set main objectives in priority order
- [ ]  Preparation for each meeting
    - Communication, objectives, and intentions
- [ ]  **Drink and refill water**

# Notes

## Tasks:
- [ ] stuff ...

## Meetings
### Meeting about stuff
- [ ] Things that you need to do 

I would like to search for all open todos, but filter out anything under the Process Checklist heading. Conversely, would be nice to selectively scope searches according to certain headings. Not sure, if this is possible with a standard regex, or the obsidian implementation of search. Any Ideas?


I don’t think this is currently possible. Maybe some fancy regex could work but I think it would be very fragile.

Sounds like a valuable scoped search idea for #plugins, though…

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I’ll start a dialog in the plugins section