How I can generate today notes with Templates annotation?

Daily note generation don’t seem to works with Templates plugin. I need to create an empty page and insert the template…

Anyone knows a better method?

There is not a better method. It should work.

Can you provide some more details? What version of Obsidian are you using?

When you go to the Daily Notes preferences, do you see something similar to this? Did you fill it out with a valid page? If you filled it in with a page that doesn’t exist, it will not work. If you start typing, it should auto-fill suggestions, so you’ll know it wasn’t a typo.

The Daily Notes does not need the Template plugin to be loaded. It uses its own Template. The settings are under “Daily Notes” here:

(It might need the template plugin loaded to fill in the {{date}} and {{time}}. I don’t know that.)


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There’s a new feature in v0.8.5, maybe it can fit your needs

A new template plugin is now available. Designate a template folder and insert any of them on command. In the plugin setting, you can tell the plugin what to replace {{date}} and {{time}} with. {{title}} will be replaced by the title of the current file. You can also insert {{date:FORMAT}} to customize date formatting individually.

So I understand this is confusing :sweat_smile:, the Daily Notes and Templates plugin have some apparent overlap, but all plugins in Obsidian are technically separate.

In 0.8.5 when the Templates plugin was first introduced, it was completely separate from the Daily Notes plugin.

Now in 0.8.10 (released to insiders as of this posting), we have this:

Daily note/Zettelkasten prefixer: Template file now accepts {{date:format}} and {{time:format}} just like the template plugin.

This means that the Daily Note template (which is still not part of the Templates plugin) can use the same date/time token format that the Templates plugin uses.

Caveat: the Daily Notes template cannot use the default {{date}} {{time}} tokens defined in the Templates plugin. You must define the date/time format.

I hope this all makes sense. If not, please let me know!


Thanks, I think that my post is a bit confusing. Sometimes I don’t know how to express myself using English (I needed some more training :expressionless:). But this is exactly my problem. I tried to use the {{date}} of the Template plugins in the template that Daily note uses, but it didn’t substitute for the current date.

I am using 0.8.9

Oh I see! Yeah that will be available in version 0.8.10

Daily note/Zettelkasten prefixer: Template file now accepts {{date:format}} and {{time:format}} just like the template plugin.

And as @sam.baron said, using only {{date}} will not work. It will only show up as {{date}}.

You will need to fill in the template, with the format that you want, like this:

{{date:YYYY-MM-DDDD}} = 2020-09-01

{{date:dddd, MMMM Do YYYY}} = Tuesday, September 1st 2020

{{date}} = {{date}}


Yes, so {{date}} and {{time}} will only work with templates generated through the Templates plugin (not through Daily Notes or Zettlekasten).

Hopefully this will all be simplified eventually, but still a work in progress.