How futureproof is Obsidian Syntax?

Things I have tried

Looking around on the internet.

What I’m trying to do

is to figure out how reliable obsidian syntax is.

I LOVE how awesome this app is, i no longer need to worry about accidentally making a document too big by attaching files. The fact that i can ALSO view the attachment file/object without disrupting my workflow is just cherry on top, feature i didn’t know i needed.

It’s the variety of markdown flavors that worries me. What if obsidian project ceases to exist. How will i make sense of my writing? Will other apps interpret the syntax correctly. If i need my writing to really last decades from now, should i repose faith in markdown or another markup language or something more reliable and standardised that i hope you’ll suggest.

Markdown is very future proof. There are, unfortunately, lots of variants, but because it’s plain text it’s quite easy to convert between them at some future date if needed. And because it’s human readable in the absolute worst case you open it as plain text and can read the content.

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Any obsidian or markdown altertive i must look into before stepping into obsidian OR must i take the leap of faith?

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This is from another thread tackling Obsidian’s sytax.

Also want to add that wikilinks now being adapted by a lot of newer markdown apps and can also be converted easily (e.g. using Wiki Links to MDLinks plugin)

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I think the markdown syntax is not really the thing you should worry about, it is pretty compatible with other markdown editors. It is more the usage of the plugins. I’m trying not to use that many different plugins, so my project/notes are not that depended on third parties devs. I expect that Obsidian will develop further in the future and that will mean that plugins will break. You never know if the third party plugins will be updated then by their devs.

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