How does Obsidian organise attachments

Say I create folder AAA with within that folder is BBB and CCC and DDD.
In folder BBB there is an obisidan note with a pdf attachment.
In folder CCC there is an obsidian note with both a word document and a powerpoint file.

(Q1) So, I know notes are stored as .md files. But where are these attachments stored? Within folder AAA or within BBB and CCC?

(Q2) And secondly, if you have 100 notes in BBB of which 40 have different attachments - doesnt it become very aesthetically messy and chaotic to look at?

What are your thoughts. (Q3) How do you keep it all organised? Anyone have any tips?

Most grateful for any replies - am an Obsidian newbie. :slight_smile:

You can choose in the Obsidian settings or store the attachments, whether in a particular folder or in the same folder as the note, or in a subfolder in the same folder as the note.

Personally I store them in a separate folder all together. I also use the auto note mover plugin to organize them in this folder by attachment type. Some people choose to store them in a subfolder in the same folder as the note.
It’s up to you to see what is most practical for you.

Attachments are located where you specify in Obsidian’s settings. See Settings -> Files and links -> Default location for new attachments.
Mixing notes with attachments can make the file tree very large. Consider using a dedicated attachment folder.