How do you write <= in dataviewjs?

Things I have tried

dv.taskList(dv.pages(#tag1 AND #tag2).file.tasks
.where (t=>t.completed)
.where (t=>t.completion => t.userDefinedDate1)
.where (t=>t.completion <= t.userDefinedDate2))

The text below the following the ‘<’ turns red and the lines

What I’m trying to do

I want to return the tasks that were completed between userDefineDate1 and userDefinedDate2.

I see two syntax issues with your query:

  • The phrase “#tag1 AND #tag2” needs to be in quotes.
  • The greater-than-or-equal-to symbol is “>=”, not “=>”.
dv.taskList(dv.pages("#tag1 AND #tag2").file.tasks 
	.where (t=>t.completed) 
	.where (t=>t.completion >= t.userDefinedDate1) 
	.where (t=>t.completion <= t.userDefinedDate2))

Thank you Craig!

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