How do you use the graph view?

I’m curious: I find the graph view neat to look at, but I’m not sure how to use it effectively. What practical benefits do others get? What problems does it help you solve?


My use so far: to see the relative size and therefore “importance” of notes. 10% of the time to discover new notes, but I prefer the random note plugin for that. At first I used to look at the graph a lot, but now I look only when I need an overview of the whole vault

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It’s more or less useless right now. A few upcoming enhancements (e.g. center on note and filtering) will help a lot, but it needs considerably more features/power to really be useful (at least once you have a reasonably large database). The more querying and customization power we can get, the better it will be.


One way I use it is in my workflow to easily see unlinked notes. I like how they are on the outside off to themselves. I periodically double check and decide how and where I want these notes to be referenced.

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I look at the straggler notes all by themselves. Then i dive into them and make an effort to link them to similar notes. I also tag them too.

I’d like to use it for low-friction, almost exploratory review of my notes – that is, to be able to filter the graph by tags (so I can see all notes on a particular topic), then pick a note on a concept pertaining to the topic that I’m slightly fuzzy on, then “follow” the graph from that concept to connected note-nodes to remind myself of the context, and thereby get quickly myself back up to speed on the topic, especially if I haven’t engaged with the topic recently.

But this will of course require lots of enhancements to the graph view: filters, the option to open notes in new panels, etc.