How do you use Obsidian to create weekly roll up reports?

  • Use case: I have a Daily file with Todo and Notes. Some of these notes, I like to roll up into Weekly Report. (I also like to keep my Markdown files reasonably devoid from tool-specific syntax. Some special syntax is ok.) What’s the recommended approach in Obsidian? I thought of a few options, thought he community may have a better approach.
    • Option 1 “Quick-link”: In my Daily file, I have a section header or just a link to the [[Weekly Report]]. It allows me to quickly click and go the Weekly Report and add a note in the Weekly Report file. No weekly notes are actually entered in the Daily File. However, this feels like I am not using Obsidian as it was intended. My links pane is not really useful.
    • Option 2 - Add to any note that I want to roll up a reference to [[Weekly Report]]. E.g., “Blah Blah. (Include in the [[Weekly Report]]”. This has the benefit that the actual note stays within the Daily note context. The Obsidian link pane allows you then to move back and forth from the Weekly Report file to the Daily file. The problem however is that the Weekly Report is dispersed over many files and not easily viewable in one place. Another reason to see it all together is to easily copy/paste the report into an email.
    • Option 3 - using tags and query. In the Daily note, I tag everything I want to roll up with #weeklyNote. And then in the [[Weekly Report]], I could use query to bring over the weekly notes. I am imagine a query using date range. This has the benefit that the Weekly Report can be read in one place without following links. I presume the result can be easily copy/pasted (although I haven’t tried it). This uses tags and not links to stitch it all together.

Are there other options?

I dont see why option 2 & 3 cannot work together (tagging with links and use query to view consolidation of ur notes from daily note file).

I use it sometimes as i have projects where i capture the meeting notes in daily note file, and tagging it with project link/file. I would query block:[[project]] to make the entire bullet n subbullet show up. And to make the query output as rendered markdown and show more context, i use NIL’s obsidian-query-control plugin.