How do you use Hazel in conjunction with Obsidian?

Self-explanatory title. I’ve seen a few people use Hazel. How do you use it with Obsidian?

I was going to make a similar post on this! I am on a Windows machine, but I have been experimenting with File Juggler (similar to Hazel) in conjunction with my Obsidian vault. I’m loving it.

So far some recipes I have found very helpful in my workflow include:

  • when there is a full article with enough to it that I want to clip it direct to Obsidian for further review/processing, I use the Markdownload extension in my Chrome browser (one click). Then based on that file name convention and the #source-material #toProcess tagging I have configured in the extension, File Juggler (1) renames the file to the date + a cropped page title (derived from a regexp); (2) changes the file extension to .md; (3) moves it from my downloads to a specific Inbox folder in my vault (which I hide from graph view by default). This also works, of course, for any specific passages highlighted and saved via that extension.
  • There are a few types of notes that I like to keep tidy in their own folders rather than scattered among my working note space. For example, when I create a new note about a person, my template includes a #type/person tag. I have a File Juggler rule that automagically moves these into a People folder.