How do you / should you use the ! embed posts feature


Just into my first month of using this system so still finding my way to add to what i have already been writing in text notes.
I found by accident the ![[PageTitle]] embed other notes in preview feature as i was using ! for urgent.

How do you use this feature? Seems makes sense to use it with short articles, or remind on a index page of content below it.

So Have been on sub notes put the short top summary note on the page for sort of memory jog. And future log Note on the daily page.



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I am a fan of those transclusion? (if thats what the tech term is?) embeds. I use them in many ways the first is to have a page full of these to “collect” or cluster similar notes together with a kind of pre-draft article page. I also use them to create lovely windows to lists of things here’s a photo to illustrate a typical obsidian window in my workflow. I like my spaces to be visual so popping a photo at the top of the page being transcluded makes for a pleasant daily use of Obsidian

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The advantage of transclusions is that you can use a piece of text multiple times, and in different combinations, without have to copy/paste it every time.

So, for example in my zettelkasten I have various short (atomic?) notes about “leadership”. I can combine those notes such that they form a “story”, an essay if you like.

I also have notes on “personality” combines into 1 story. I have also embedded/transcluded some of the personality notes into the leadership story.

You can make endless combinations, and if you’re into writing, this is a great way of constructing stories.

A transclusion feature that was added in Obsidian 0.8.15 was multilevel transclusion, down to 5 levels. So, if note 1 is transcluded in note 2, then you can transclude note 2 into note 3, and the transclusion of note 1 will also be visible in note 3. Pre-0.8.15 this was not possible beyond note 2.


I use the embedding feature in daily note as much as I can, with bullets. It not only gives me a clear sight of what i’ve done the whole day, but also makes the note written just like the way roam research is, which is more familiar to me.
BTW, some community themes can remove the border, padding, and margin for the transcludes/embeds, which are very useful. You can also custom them in the CSS.
In most cases, I prefer not to use this feature, only use the wiki link instead, which works pretty well for me.

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the extra depth to these transclusions is prooving to be both practically and aesthetically pleasing indeed!

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@KaneDodgson: they have become an important part of my note management.

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Mine to @Klaas especially for building up a story or drafting things

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I like those ideas and for embedding photos and short passages

Now I know what they are called too.

I have my daily notes with yesterday’s not and the month note and a FutureLog note on bottom of it. Which is a different way but let’s me review several things without reopening them and can ignore when in edit mode.

But would like to turn off the multi level embed as I have inception back though the days :smiley:

I think that was always a concern with multi-level embed. This sounds like a good feature request.

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