How do you remove "Frame 01" from Excalidraw's frame tool

When I use the Frame tool in Excalidraw, it has a title of “Frame 01”. How do I delete that title block? I’ve tried double-clicking on it and it becomes hard to read. I then backspace up to 7 times and that leave “F”. If I backspace once more, the text comes back fresh. Backspacing 8 times makes you think it’s gone, but it comes back as soon as you get out of the field.

Is this a bug or a feature of Excalidraw?

I’m using Obsidian with Things theme on a Windows 10 Pro system.

I think it might be a function of the background - I noticed a similar (same?) behaviour, that when I edit the frame title the text is white, and because I have a white background it is effectively invisible. If you ctrl+A to select the text in the box you will see the characters because of the select background styling.

With regards to editing the title, double clicking or pressing enter with the frame selected has been working for me. Then I just ctrl+A to select the text that’s there, and start typing my new title. If you’re worried about typo’s you can always create the title as a label or in a text document, then copy and paste the text into the title box.

The title text being the same colour as the background is a minor UI bug, I am not sure of the contribution process for the plugin, but it could be a good opportunity to try and implement a fix. There is a simple workaround in the meantime however.

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