How do you prioritize metadata properties?

How do you prioritize (order vertically) your metadata properties for readability and ease of use? I’m reformating my metadata templates and tools that interact with them, was browsing the internet for inspirations, standards, or guides, and could not find any (my search-fu may just be bad).

Picture attached is an example of my universal metadata that I apply to most notes in my vault. Specific notes have other templates, naturally, but this is the template I am manicuring right now.

I would be interested in seeing examples or hearing wisdom from anyone with use cases like mine, something simpler, or something much more niche!

In brief, my process here is to put distinct, unique, identifying information at the top, and vault or query-relevant organizational information at the bottom. The priority of properties is mostly just what felt right to me, but I’m hoping to discover some standard or model to compare my own against, for no reason other than compulsive

design really.

I don’t use them right now, but when I experimented, I prefer alphabetical. If I wanted to cluster properties in proximity, I would do something like

author: Dumbledore
dataAnalysis: discourse analysis
dataType: interview

Alphabetical is for easy scanning, matches my linear brain, and also means less decision fatigue regarding trying to figure out how I want to sort.

The only exception is tags, which I always put at the bottom for easy clicking and aesthetic reasons, however, if this feature request were implemented then I wouldn’t have a tags field referred to as such, but would use tags in other properties, i.e. the below vs. the above:

author: Dumbledore
dataAnalysis: "#discourse-analysis"
dataType: "#interview"