How do you organize your Reference System/ General Archive?

Hey guys,

I am trying to reorganize my files to help me have smoother workflow but can’t find much. most advises I find are about how to manage the notes not a procedure on how to organize files, name and tag them (tagging is not even available for windows for a lot of file formats). I am looking for something like this in GTD, but an updated version for 2020.


I keep a single folder of sources, zero organization or sorting except for a #unread tag. I use searches to find specific content, or link those sources in actual notes as I am processing the #unread tags (which I then untag)

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Are you doing it this way only for your pdf and text files or all of your files? I can’t Imagine doing that even for pdf files, too many random books and articles I have that are not part of any project so not part of a note.

I only save MarkDownload article grabs as full articles into that source folder. For PDFs (which I deal with rarely) I use Zotero and then copy a reference + Zotero link into Obsidian as needed.

My own notes go into a “Notes” folder in Obsidian, covering my own thinking, and notes/highlights (“literature notes”) broken by topic which may come from various sources. For the latter I will include a link to the source folder article or Zotero, for example. I’m not too anal about it, I find I only go back to those sources while I’m actually writing a note, and not so much later when I’m reviewing my own notes. But my workflow doesn’t demand meticulous citations, its really just for my own benefit/OCD.

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Interesting. I am thinking to use Zotero for pdfs (and epub and mobi after conversion in Calibre). I just want to use it for my personal use too, not publishing or anything like that so I just want it to be smooth.
I was trying to save web-pages by Zetore but this MarkDownload clipper that you introduced looks like a much better option to work with Obsidian, thanks.

Hi there - 2 years down the line and I’m about to ask the same question: how do people manage their reference / original source files in 2022 (almost 2023).

I see a lot of people mention Zotero, but it seems mostly suited to PDFs - do you download all web articles as PDFs? What about ePubs and other eBooks? And YouTube videos …