How do you organize information for tasks/projects in and out of obsidian?

How do you guys stay organized with project and task information in and out of obsidian? I understand an allure of obsidian is to create a “second brain”, a zettelkasten system, and so forth. But what about if I need an excel file, powerpoint, or google doc? How can I keep information related my project/task organized across different services?

While obsidian is theoretically great for PKM and can even do other things like create documents, tables, etc, I’m not sure where the threshold is for when I should use a different app instead like word or excel or how to organize word/excel files if it’s related to files in obsidian.

A comparison could be like the old iTunes that could do a lot of everything but became bloated.


I’ve linked this before, but I really enjoyed this video. tl;dr: Don’t try to keep everything in one tool if it isn’t the tool for the job.

I keep some tasks and workflows in Obsidian and Kanban plugin. But I used to keep most of my business project/development/management in Notion. And now I manage most of it Linear App. (Not a general recommendation, I’m just saying I use it and enjoy it.)

And Linear can link directly to Google Docs and Obsidian notes. And Obsidian can link to Linear projects too, since both apps support x-callback-urls, which is great. Each of my projects has an Obsidian note. And I do most of my high-level planning and research in Obsidian. But the week-to-week tactics are happening in an app that supports cycles, timelines, issues, projects, estimates, and collaboration.

And I still do a lot of day-to-day planning on a Remarkable tablet. And a lot of journalling and thinking in Scrivener. I also heavily use calendars and Apple Reminders in BusyCal. Sometimes it can be scattered. But find what works for you.

Yeah and in all those years, I still had Winamp and VLC installed too. :slight_smile:

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