How do you name Quick Notes and People in Obsidian?

What are your practices for naming more everyday working notes? Do you have a naming system (assuming NOT using a numeric prefix).

What about naming people? Do you think about how they will look when linked and just do [[FirstName LastName]] or do you start with the word People, or put them in a folder?


i keep non ZK type notes in different folders as they’re for different purposes, and one folder that holds everything at top level for my ZK

for people I use [[@Bryan Jenks]] so only people have @ in their link

and then I have a saved regex search to find all instances of people mentioned:



Interesting on the @ sign, almost like a one character Tag!


Anyone else? How do you name your more casual notes?

I kind of end up doing the opposite of what most people do, not by intention. I simply use the person name. For any note, I write a note title and never worry about repetition because if I do happen to give two notes the same title then the second note automatically gets a (1) marker next to it. This has only happened once and in doing so I was able to quickly identify similar notes then combine them.

If for example it is a persons name then I have a folder for people, An index list (moc or map) of all people. My brain gets easily fried when I try to have naming conventions.

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Agree, I just implemented a few key folders, including one for People, and with that I am naming the notes with just their name like you!

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I try to keep things as uncomplicated as possible and just free myself up to write. All the other ways people do things in their note management seems really impressive to me but I need to keep things simple and it works! Same here I have folders to keep my index pages in the rest just get dumped in a folder out of the way.