How do you manage notes vs tasks/projects vs journal entries

Hi all,

I’m wonering how you all seperate (if even) your notes (knowledge), tasks & projects and journal entries? Do you keep them allin sparate Vaults or not bother?

I currently have 2x Vaults setup, 1x for knowledge (notes) + journal entries and another for my tasks and projects

I keep notes, projects, tasks, and journal entries all in the same vault. I keep them in different folders to make each kind of note easy to find and easy to query via Dataview.


tx for sharing - do you not have any issues with search? And by that I mean, the cmd/ctrl-O search (open I guess is more accurate) and having all of those files together?

No, I don’t really have any issues with search; in fact, sorting different types of file into folders helps make search more useful.

For example, let’s say I know I want to see a project. I can preface the search with prj/ and Obsidian will show me only project files:

Or, say I wanted to find all my archived team standups from July of 2021, I could search for arch/2021/07/standup:

And of course if I’m just searching for a topic, I’m happy to type the topic and see results from all across my vault:


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oh nice - I didn’t even consider typing the path into the search - that makes a lot of sense! Thanks again for sharing

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I use a similar kind of setup, freely adapted from P.A.R.A. I keep all my notes (projects, journal, notes, etc.) in the same root folder and then split them in different categories:

  1. Inbox
  2. Projects (with a beginning and end, archived when finished)
  3. Areas
  4. Journal (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, OKR, Habits and Time-Tracking)
  5. Resources
  6. Notes (I found it useful to separate them from “Ressources” as they emerge from my own thinking when Ressources often come from the outside)
  7. Archives (which are made less noticeable throughout Obsidian using the “excluded files” option.

This system emerged through quite a lot of tinkering and it best suits my needs. I suggest you take some time to play around with different options before settling for an organisation.


Same vault, different folders.

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