How do you indent on iOS App, without external keyboard?

Things I have tried

I’ve tried searching in the docs and forums and could only find reference to using ‘tab’

I’ve tried using swipes like you get in Apple Notes and typing spaces but nothing seems to work.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to indent ordered/unordered Bullets in the iOS App, without a keyboard attached but not having much luck.

On iOS a swipe would be perfect.

Currently I have to go back to Edit the changes I’ve made when ever I am in front of a pc.

The menu bar above the onscreen keyboard includes indent and unindent buttons.

Looks like three lines preceded by a simple arrow:



Got to picture the third line in the above artistic masterpiece.


Oh my word you can swipe that menu! Didn’t realise! Brill thanks!! :slight_smile:

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