How do you guys handle, when there are 2 (or more) notes , and you need to compare them?

Like, you have file A , and file B, and you have some text/table with the differences between them (gonna call A^B).

So you guys put A^b, inside A note and B note ? create another note ? another approach ?

For this I go outside Obsidian (since it doesn’t happen too often) and diff the two files. My utility of choice (on Windows) is CompareIt from Grig Software. I do have a licence but it now appears to be free.


Yeah, I’m with @Boraa. I use diff (or a graphical version if I want fancy. For simple you can use the command line or something like Notepad++'s “compare” plugin, which works well. Or if you’re using git with your vault you can just use that. It would be nice if someone made a diff plugin for Obsidian, but to my knowledge nobody has yet. P.S. I guess if I ever have the time I might try to put together a simple diff editor for Obsidian, but with my schedule now, don’t count on it. :wink:

Like the others, I use a separate app (I forget the name, but I don’t like it enough to recommend anyway. When I was on Linux I used Meld.)

In a browser
[copy&paste] …

[copy&paste, from file, from url] …

I can access both of the above from within Obsidian using …

PS: to view the differences full screen I use alt+F from the obsidian-fullscreen-plugin.

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